Quiet but not idle

Hive Mind started this year by diving headlong into a set of frankly, awesome freelance work. We can’t say a great deal thanks to an NDA but it was for a major publisher working on a huge, international IP!

We had an absolute blast and for me (Josh!), it was a dream come true. I absolutely love this franchise and have for years, getting to work on it really made my inner-teenager very, very happy. I’m sure we’ll make a big fanfare about it when the product is announced and we’re allowed to talk about it, but for the time being let’s talk about Hive Mind’s very own products!

Since we finished that freelance work we’ve been working frantically on a slew of varied products for you all.  We’ve got all sorts coming up for you over the coming months – it’s going to be an exciting year for Hive Mind that’s for sure!

But, what exactly have we been working on? 
You’ll find out properly soon enough! I know I know how mean of us but there’ll be a constant stream of announcements and products over the next few weeks and months – we’re so excited!
A few of them are already done and just awaiting a printing run … 

Until then, here are some tidbits! 
We’re really feverish with anticipation about releasing what we’ve been working on. We’re writing for new systems (Mothership, anyone?) and writing and experimenting with different formats and types of products. We’ve got a whole bunch of adventures coming up and not only for D&D! 
Plus some slightly tongue-in-cheek, super fun sub-classes and something that will feature not one, not two but a whole gaggle of ultra insidious cults.

We might even be working on our own game… but that’s for the another time.

And the most fun thing? We’re not going it alone…!

That’s all we can share right now folks! Keep your peepers peeled and we promise we’ve some more exciting announcements coming up.

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