Our Story

Ethical Tabletop Games

We may be a ways off of having a full team, but there's plenty we can all do to avoid exploitive practices.

There’s every reason to lay down the groundwork of our fair practices and ethical business mantra.

Coming from a place of life-long love for tabletop games and a very on-going involvement in tableotp at large. We believe that the giants in the industry, as in any industry, regularly employ exploitative practices. Practices like “crunch periods“, generally poor working conditions, plagiarism and miserly pay are unfair and unacceptable in 2024.

We believe that they’re bad for staff, bad for the products and bad for the fan base to boot.

This mantra goes further than how we treat our staff, partners and freelancers. It’s about ensuring our products, settings and worlds are a place for all people, of all types, a that there’s zero tolerance for those who wish to bully and exclude. 

About Hive Mind's Single Braincell

Manchester-based game developing muppet:  strong ideas of how a business should be run and big plans for the future. I’ve loved tabletop games for as long as either of us can remember, writing and creating and homebrewing for over a decade each. 

We thought it was about time we turned that into something.

Josh has spent years running tabletop games as well as businesses all the way back to printing t-shirts in his teens to sell for beer money.

They’re handling the business at Hive Mind, as well as some dev duties also.
With experience beyond their years, they’re sure to make HMG a world class enterprise.

A Place For All

Fantasy worlds are an escape. A way to unwind with friends, live out your wildest dreams and go on wondrous adventures. Everyone should have the opportunity for that. 

The only people not welcome here are those who wish ill to others. 


It matters: in a world in which you can see dragons we feel it’s only right you should see yourself too. 

We do everything possible to make you feel at home in our games.

F* the Phobes

Homophobes, transphobes and xenophobes beware. Unless you’re rolling dice to topple their foul regimes there’s no place for them in our worlds. 

Hive Mind Games has a zero tolerance policy on phobic behaviour: f*ck the fasc.