At Your Peril

Your complete guidebook to curses on the tabletop. With a “teach a man to fish” approach to teaching you how to implement curses in a fun, satisfying and fulfilling way!

Does that annoying Lawful Good Paladin need to be brought low by their own hubris? Perhaps that greedy rogue needs a little comeuppance? My dear reader come hither, for in the pages of this most malign tome you’ll find everything you need to pox your enemies or blight your… also enemies.

As such an integral part of storytelling in folklore and fantasy books for untold ages, we believe curses are critically under-represented on the tabletop! From Sleeping Beauty, to Faust, Princess Mononoke to Lord of the Rings, curses and cursed items are a classic narrative tool. 

This A5 zine is a start to finish guide on curses: how to create your own, implement them and use them as a compelling and enjoyable narrative device in tabletop roleplay. This zine is complete with plenty of info for DMs and Players alike, laid out on beautifully occult pages packed to the rafters with resplendent art. 

What can curses add to your worlds?

  • Player Choice –  A good curse can give plenty of chances for a character to choose their fate, and shape the wider world in doing so.
  • Party Interaction – Each character is certain to have some sort of opinion on that cursed item, myriad opportunities for interaction abound!
  • Shenanigans – Shocking as it may seem, slowly transforming an unwitting character into a brain sucking squid monster can lead to shenanigans.
  • Digital, Physical… or both! – get your choice of physical editions, 
  • Bonus items and locations – for a smidge extra you can get your hands on 5 bonus items and 5 bonus locations, each more cursed than the one before and each perfectly designed to be slotted into your worlds.

Not tied to any one system this zine is printed on recycled paper in black and white filled with enough inspiration to keep your games overflowing with curses for years to come.

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