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New Kickstarter!

Mini Adventures: Pieces of Eight

Five ready made adventures fully compatible with D&D 5e. Never get caught short again with these action-packed nautical adventures!

Pledge in the first 24hrs and get ALL FIVE for **£1!**

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At Your Peril

A Practical Guidebook to using Curses on the Tabletop

Taking a “teach a man to fish” approach, our Practical Handbook to Curses will teach you every you need to know about uses curses as a narrative tool!

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5e Compatible Adventure

Finding Floffles

What hero can resist helping a crying kid?


A plug & play adventure fit to fill a session or two -complete with a battlemap, area map, a bestiary and even puzzles. Can you return dear Foffles to little Aimee?

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We have a simple mission statement: create unusual games, ethically. 

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