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Quiet but not idle

Hive Mind started this year by diving headlong into a set of frankly, awesome freelance work. We can’t say a great deal thanks to an NDA but it was for a major publisher working on a huge, international IP! We had an absolute blast and for me (Josh!), it was a dream come true. I […]

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News: Delays & New Things!

Life finds a way… sometimes that way is to wreck your stuff for a month. Unfortunately, despite how passionate we are about Hive Mind Games, it is our side project. A perfect storm of personal events and mental health over the last few weeks have knocked us both off the ball so to speak. We’re

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Pre-orders & website Launch!

It’s been a busy few weeks for us! Between hammering out content we also decided to do a “quick” update to the website! That update ultimately took way longer than anything one might consider “quick” but it was worth it: it is our pleasure to announce pre-orders for our debut product, At Your Peril!Now anyone

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