Rest, Recuperation and Machinations

It’s been a ludicrously busy 6 weeks for us two here at Hive Mind Games. We only realised ZineQuest was on this year about 3 weeks before it started. We conceptualised, created and ran the kickstarter over the next 6 weeks and hooo boy it was a lot of work!

As much work as it was, we loved every minute of it! Turns out, when you’re working on a project that you’re passionate about, it’s a little easier to put in the time.Not only were we working on something we love but also got to interact with loads of inspiring creators and peers and we received huge amounts of support. 

It’s been an incredible experience.

This last week we’ve taken a step back to catch our breath a little, really evaluate the kickstarter, and plan development over the next few weeks. In amongst our planning, scheming, conspiring and all around machinating we touched upon all sorts of super exciting tidbits. Did someone say new products?
More on that later!

We want At Your Peril to be in your hands as soon as possible, though we need to be reasonable on ourselves and avoid burnout.  Having said that, we’re aiming to have the first full draft done and off to the editor in just 4 weeks time. 

Hopefully that’ll mean a final dispatch sometime in June, though for some of our overseas backers that’ll mean you receive your copy in July.

From here on out we’ll be keeping our heads down and cracking on, both on At Your Peril and some super secret yet to be announced products. We’ll be sure to keep in contact with weekly updates and, seeing as you’re our very own and very wonderful backers, we’ll be sure to preview what we can as and when it’s ready to show!

Thanks once again to everyone involved in backing and supporting this project!

Corey & Josh

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