Finding Floffles

When an adorable lil kid loses their most beloved pet and bestest friend in the whole world, who could they possibly turn to?

Aimee’s father descends the stairs, holding her aloft in the strong arms of a life-long farmer. He gently plops her on the floor and encourages her to play with some formerly discarded toys across the room,
“let the adults talk, poppet.” he says softly – she scurries off. Rising to his full height, he wipes a hand down his face and lets our a deep exhale.
“Lets find Floffles, ay?”

A perfect “all-rounder” 5e compatible adventure for players of any experience level. This adventure features not only a wonderfully endearing main plot but also multiple combats complete with a battlemap, a full bestiary to use elsewhere and even a puzzle! This adventure truly gives a “bit of everything”. 

Excellent for a DM who’s a week behind on prep or just for introducing a new party to the game.

The locations and monsters in this adventure are designed from top to bottom to slot into your world seamlessly, giving a little extra something for your players to latch onto, and perhaps return to later!

What’s include in this adventure?

  • Vertical Slice of D&D –  a little bit of everything all in one, a perfect introduction or a welcome “return to basics”. 
  • Location, Location, Location – with two beautiful maps of both the combat area and of the town of Ankhasta, you’ll have plenty to explore, or draw from for future sessions!
  • Wholesome & endearing – its not all got to be apocalyptic stakes and world-ending villains. Sometimes helping a crying lil girl and an adorable pet is enough, though no-one said it had to be straight forward!
  • Digital, Physical… or both! – get your choice of physical editions, digital or both!
  • Digital Battlemaps with every purchase! – the physical version will come with both the
    physical battlemap and a digital one to give you the options to play how you
    want, and ensure you have a copy forevermore. 

This zine is printed on recycled paper in full colour and filled with a full 5e D&D compatible adventure and plenty of inspiration for your own adventures based on this setting.

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