Pre-orders & website Launch!

It’s been a busy few weeks for us! Between hammering out content we also decided to do a “quick” update to the website!

That update ultimately took way longer than anything one might consider “quick” but it was worth it: it is our pleasure to announce pre-orders for our debut product, At Your Peril!
Now anyone who may have missed AYP can now preorder a copy complete with all the options for additional handouts available to during our Kickstarter campaign.

Another exciting feature is the development timeline on the At Your Peril page. It has a full breakdown of our development plan and the milestones we set ourselves. We thought there was no better way to keep you in the loop than to just reveal the whole plan!
We’ll keep you updated every milestone we it and will update the timeline accordingly.
Other than that, why not check out the rest of the website?

On a serious note, if you notice anything broken let us know!
We are by no means website developers, though we’re trying our best!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new website!
Corey & Josh

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