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Life finds a way… sometimes that way is to wreck your stuff for a month. Unfortunately, despite how passionate we are about Hive Mind Games, it is our side project. A perfect storm of personal events and mental health over the last few weeks have knocked us both off the ball so to speak.

We’re back up, dusted ourselves off and we’re working again, though we’re later than we’d like. The release will be out a month late, which is technically our original timeline after blasted through the early stages!
UK will receive theirs at the end of August, Europe mid-September and US mid to late September.

Want some good news though?

Read on past the art teaser for At Your Peril below and find out what it could possibly be.

And to think, that’s just one corner quarter of the whole piece!

Now the good news is that, before life took us off AYP there was a brief patch where our dear artists were cracking on, and we had a lil time to make some plans for future releases! Now don’t worry, AYP is the only thing we’re working on, getting that to you ASAP is our number one priority!
Having said that, our first new release will be hot on the heels of AYP.


Introducing: Finding Floffles!

Poor little Suzie has lost her beloved pet Floffles! The poor fluffy sod has wandered off into the deep, dark woods and hasn’t been seen for days. It’s probably too late for the little guy that forest is perilous. Yet who could say “no” to such an adorable, sobbing lil tot? Although maybe ol’ Floffles isn’t as helpless as it may at first seem?

This adventure module is a great plug-and-play pre-made adventure for any number of players. Pre-mades are an excellent tool for DMs who need a lil breathing space or have just had too busy a week to write up new a session!
Finding Floffles slides straight into any setting and, if our playtests were anything to go by, is a right laugh!

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